Little Rawdon Island

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Hi everyone,
Attached are some photos from Leon’s paddle around Little Rawdon Island on January 30.
We had perfect conditions after what was a foggy outlook up the Hastings from our place at Riverside; a real pea soup feel to it!!
The ramp at McMillan Drive is so much easier to navigate now & we ( 15 of us ) set off heading up river with some lovely views across the wide expanse of water to the distant hills. The highlight of the day for me from the photographic point of view were some of the cloud reflections further up closer to Little Rawdon Island. 
Along the way there were some pleasant rural scenes with a farmhouse on a gentle slope overlooking the river, a rustic lean to and a more ‘shabby chic’ riverside shack, all with views just perfect for quiet contemplation. One thing I enjoy about paddling up this section of the river is the comparative lack of motorised vessels.
A few elected to have a quick leg stretch at the old ramp on Galloway’s property on Little Rawdon Island before heading back to Blackmans Point.
It was a lovely paddle; thanks Leon for leading.

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