Within the immediate radius of our club are the Hastings, Maria, Wilson, Camden Haven, Macleay & Manning Rivers…. a paddler’s playground.

We welcome inquiries from residents of the area & canoeing visitors.

Canoeing / kayaking is an environmentally friendly sporting activity which also allows for constant interaction with Mother Nature. From mysterious mangroves to quiet creeks & back waters, to lakes & wide rivers, there is always something to marvel at. Whether it is fabulous reflections of the sky, mirror perfect images of vegetation that leave you dizzy, slightly disorientated & wondering which way is up or nature’s orchestra of birdsong & insects, canoeing opens up a wonderland to nature lovers, photographers & those among us just wanting to enjoy different experiences. Calming, relaxing & sometimes meditative, canoeing offers it all, as well as improving your fitness.

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Club Paddle Stories & Photos

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