Lake Cathie

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Hi everyone,
These are photos from Leon’s paddle around Lake Cathie a few weeks ago.
Sorry they are late but in the intervening period my computer died & went to cyber heaven & I am still getting used to my new version!!
This was a fantastic paddle as the lake was full & blocked off & Leon took us through the long grasses and melaleucas on the far reaches of Lake Cathie.
After navigating our way through the grasses, which was fascinating, we went back out in Cathie Creek where some of us headed towards Lake Innes. Bill & I elected to paddle up the lovely side creek & were not disappointed.
Paddling through the grasses is quite an experience & you have to keep up or risk becoming lost in a very short space of time. With the height of the grasses you Had to keep an eye out for the blades of the paddles of those out front as they were often the only things to guide you through!!
Thanks Leon

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