Little Rawdon Island

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Hi everyone,
Last Sunday another early start to beat the heat saw eight of us on the water at 8am for our paddle from Blackmans Point around Little Rawdon Island. Our old faithful Bulldog friend came to see us off from the ramp, disappointed it was too early for a snack!
The water was like glass & we slipped effortlessly past rolling farming land with cattle grazing contentedly in the cool of the morning. The slightly hazy looking hills of the Comboyne & Bago provided a lovely vista ahead of us.
At the second bridge we practised wash riding in a formation of two groups with a rear spotter for each to keep the line true & the pace suitable. This practice is invaluable…insurance for a day when the conditions could be the exact opposite to what we were enjoying.
We veered right into Munns Channel & enjoyed the sense of freedom & space that comes with paddling on big, wide stretches of water in calm conditions. We headed up towards the sweeping bend, past Hughes Inlet before veering left into Casswell Channel which runs between Quetta Isl. on the right & Little Rawdon Isl. on the left. It was quiet up here & we had the water to ourselves. We veered left into Rawdon Channel & went under the Little Rawdon Isl. bridge where a lone fisherman was enjoying the solitude of this lovely part of the world.
We decided not to stop at the old ferry ramp as it was very muddy but kept going, re-entering Munns Channel & then back into the main Hastings with the two bridges ahead of us. A nice steady breeze was up which kept things cool as the day was starting to warm up & we felt it as soon as we were back on land. The grass underfoot was crackly & the crunching of fallen leaves & bark added to the summer sensations of heat & lack of rain. Waiting for us at the water’s edge were Ray & Richard & Maria who had brought their new German Shepherd puppy Florence along to meet the crew. She is a beauty but would need her own kayak when she grows into her paws!!
After washing kayaks & loading up we adjourned to nearby Ricardoes for morning tea which was indulgent & delicious!
Thanks to those who joined us. We hope you enjoyed the early paddle.

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