Connection Creek

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Hi everyone,
Just running behind with our trip report for Sunday 30 December which was Connection Creek.
This beautiful paddle gets you in right from the start with a stunning reflection right across the water from where we launch.
The Maria River Rd. was in good condition & the Christmas Bells were still flowering, although many had been harvested.
Given the heat, we were on the water early at 8am & enjoyed paddling up on the shady side while taking in the scenery & reflections on the sunny side of the creek. I never get tired of this paddle with its mesmerising reflections & graceful overhanging branches & fallen timber which are like strategically placed sculptures along the way.
Connection Creek runs parallel to the Maria River Rd., petering out into dense rushes before Crescent Head Rd. It is flanked by beautiful tall trees, including melaleucas, casuarinas & eucalypts all stretching towards the sky, competing for their place in the sun. Look into the understory & there are wonderful outcrops of elk ferns scaling the trunks & branches of their host trees, some draped down like a ballerina’s skirt. Vines & creepers cascade down from above, some resting gently on the surface of the water or moving gently in the breeze. White flowering swamp lillies, feather duster topped rushes & vivid green grasses line the banks & there were some pretty outcrops of blue waterlilies opening up. There are some magnificent old trees with thick, nobbly white trunks & here & there, the sunlight highlighting them amongst the greenery. In the shade were patches of delicate, flowering ground cover violets. Birds & insects added background sound effects & paddling in the early morning was very peaceful & comfortable.
The old timber bridge is still hanging in there as well as a couple of private wharves.
Bill went to explore the Upper Maria to check on blockages & when he caught up to us reported that there were more then previously & were not able to be surmounted. Such a shame as this is also a beautiful paddle. Maybe the next flood will clear some of the debris away & open it up once again.
Back at the clearing we washed & loaded our kayaks & sat down to enjoy lunch beside the creek. You could tell it was the tourist season as normally no-one else comes here but us, but upon arrival one tinnie was launching & just as we were finishing lunch another arrived!! Roll on February!!
Thanks to those who joined us; we hope you enjoyed the paddle.


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