Pipers Creek

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Hi everyone,
Our Pipers Creek paddle on Sunday 16 December was picture postcard material. The overcast sky & light rain served to enhance its appeal as it is a paddle that is beautiful either drenched in dappled sunlight or tinged with more sombre hues. It is such a stress busting paddle & the seven of us who paddled thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
We paddled north first, flanked by tall  trees rising in layers up banks carpeted with leaf litter, bark & ground covers. We wound our way along enjoying the relative solitude & natural beauty until we were stopped before the bridge by a fallen tree which we could not get around. As we paddled back a light rain started to fall, the water droplets bouncing off the surface of the creek. We ventured up Smiths Creek, only to find our path blocked yet again by another fallen tree. We decided to paddle down towards the Maria River & were rewarded with beautiful floating outcrops of blue waterlilies, all in flower. Their colour was a standout against the overcast day & the green vegetation.
After meandering down about half way we headed back to the reserve & managed to wash the kayaks & load up & settle in under the picnic shelter for lunch before the rain returned.
Thanks to those who joined us & to Barry for leading the paddle.

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