Killick Creek

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Eighteen of us enjoyed a leisurely paddle around Killick Creek at Crescent Head last Sunday.
I drove up via Maria River Rd. where it was lovely to see paddocks dotted with beautiful Christmas Bells which were being hand harvested.
There have been a few changes since we last paddled this estuary, the most noticeable being the emergence of a large sandbar right in front of where we turn into the main creek from the Reserve. Even though we paddled up the little creek to our left first, we still grappled with very shallow water getting across in the creek proper.
I always love this paddle which is memorable for the wonderful twisted shapes of the old melaleuca trees with their gnarled trunks & contorted limbs, peeling bark as well as those fallen trees, still majestic & eye catching. It is pleasant paddling behind the sand dunes, listening to the roar of the surf & the pounding of the waves in the background. A  nor’ easter was up which kept us cool as we paddled up the longer creek, nosed into a few shallow bays & dead ends & continued as far as we could go up the main creek, enjoying the scenery & the relaxing nature of this area.

After navigating our way back through the shallows, hugging the bank, we enjoyed a picnic lunch under the trees in the shade.
Thanks to everyone for coming along.

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