Limeburners Environs

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Hi everyone,
Two groups each comprising six kayakers enjoyed lovely paddles in the Limeburners environs last Sunday.
Greg led the first group over from Settlement Point to explore all the little bays & they paddled across the top lake to the entrance to the creek & then back via the western edge of the lake. They had a break at Tom Dick’s Hole which is the cleanest I have seen it for quite awhile.
The other group paddled across the top lake, down Limeburners Creek & onto Saltwater Lake at the far end.
The creek was beautiful & secluded with a varying landscape that included shrubby mangroves spilling into the water, lanky casuarinas, meadows of grasses & dense, bushy sections alive with birdsong. There are some massive elk ferns up in the canopy & some baby ones establishing themselves on fallen tree trunks.
We moved along briskly with tide assistance & no obstacles; fallen trees & other debris have been removed so it was plain sailing with only a few tight turns to negotiate.
Much to our sadness, we found the old scout camp had been burnt down! However, a new structure has been erected & it looks like a work in progress. We went past it & stopped a bit further on for morning tea. As we were ahead of the tide it was a bit difficult getting out: Ken decided to have his on his own private ‘island in the stream’ on a bit of a sandbar.
We kept going, heading for Saltwater Lake. Last time we were stopped just short of it by a fallen tree, so it was great that Bill V & Colin actually got to reach it this time. We paddled out onto the lake & around the island in very shallow water before heading back up the creek to the camp for lunch. Once here we had a chance to check out the new camp structure. Ken & Colin got comfortable on two banana lounges while the rest of us sat on makeshift benches. The ground was covered in the softest green groundcover; you could have laid down on it quite easily.
After a nice break we set off again, with the tide still coming in. However, the paddle back was lovely as we glided through tunnel like sections where the trees arched above us creating both shade & shadows. The light is muted in these sections & creates a very calming atmosphere. There is always something to catch your eye, from darting azure kingfishers, magnificent elk ferns, spear flowers & the vibrant green of new grasses. I was thrilled to spot some outcrops of thumbnail orchids. These delicate little flowers do not jump out at you, but once the eye gets used to where to look for them, you start to spot them everywhere..little floral pixies of the forest.
We arrived back at the top lake where the breeze was welcome as it can get quite warm in the confines of the creek. Back at Tom Dick’s Hole we parted company with Stephen, Colin, Ken & Bill who faced some choppy water just around the corner & on their way back across to Settlement Point.
Thanks Greg for leading the shorter option, Bill W for the longer one & Stephen for leading across & back from Settlement.
We hope you enjoyed your paddles.
– Caroline

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