Greg’s Anabranch Paddle

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Hi everyone,

Greg’s Anabranch paddle last Sunday was relaxing & peaceful. With Port being so busy at present, it was great to escape up a creek ( with a paddle!!) & just get away from the maddening crowds.

It was a beautiful morning with a light breeze & we were able to paddle mostly in the shade thanks to an early start on the water.

I went a bit ahead to get some photos with undisturbed water & as soon as I turned into the first anabranch a flock of at least 20 Nankeen herons levitated out of the tree tops & gracefully flapped off to find more secluded perches. There was plenty of birdsong amongst the trees & shrubbery along the creek & hundreds of white, spider like seed pods floated, ghost like through the air & settled silently on the surface like so many little water sprites. As kids we called them ‘money spiders’ & we would catch as many of them as we could, put them under a glass on our bedside tables and, if we were lucky, they would be replaced by a threepence come morning.

On one side of this anabranch there are glimpses of small properties & grazing land, while the other is blanketed by thick undergrowth & tall trees, some bedecked with glorious elkferns, some of huge proportions. Twisted ‘Tarzan’ vines & other leafy creepers cascaded down to the water, like Rapunzel’s braid and eye catching clumps of white flowering swamp lillies provided double the beauty with their perfect reflections captured on the creek surface.

There were no obstacles to negotiate – someone has removed them – just a few overhanging mangroves & tight corners to negotiate which just added to the feeling of remoteness & being in a place that is seldom disturbed.

We didn’t stop for long at the junction of the two anabranches as the bush telegraph had alerted the mozzies to our presence. The second anabranch has a different feel to the first, not quite as closed in & with more open areas. Bill, who had paddled up from Riverside to check out a creek on the way, met us half way along & we mooched along comfortably back to Hacks Ferry where we enjoyed lunch around the lovely split log table ( very Viking!!) overlooking the water.

Thanks Greg for leading & organising for us to access private property. Hope everyone enjoyed the morning.

– Caroline

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