The Anabranches: Lake Cathie

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Hi everyone,

Welcome back to some normality with the easing of restrictions on some outdoor activities/gatherings.

We had our first ‘regular’ weekend club paddle for some time last Sunday & it was great to catch up with members.

Greg led nine of us through the Anabranches while Leon led seven around Lake Cathie which is still full.

This is my first trip report for some months.

It was a lovely clear morning up at Hacks Ferry & the water was calm & high. We launched from the usual place & I could not help but notice the name on the moored sailing boat..’.Gulls & Buoys’ !! The last creative name I came across was at Hibbard…..’Passing Wind’!!!

Greg elected to start our paddle with the second anabranch which runs between Torrens & Fenton Islands, the one we usually return by. This turned out to be a good choice as when we got to the junction of the two & he did a quick reccy into the first anabranch, a tree had come down blocking the route. We then headed up to the Maria, turned left & paddled back out at its junction with the Wilson River. It was pleasant to paddle this wide, tree lined section again, particularly as it is a lovely contrast to the closed in, creek like atmosphere of the anabranches; best of both worlds. The reflections in the anabranch were beautiful, highlighted perfectly by the early morning sun hitting the trees & vegetation at just the right angles. This is such a beautiful paddle & there were few if any mozzies to distract us from the lovely environs. If you have not done this paddle, put it on your bucket list: quiet, secluded, calm & stunning.

The breeze had picked up a bit by the time we re entered the main river so we headed straight across & paddled back in the lee. We spotted the two Bills across the other side; they had done a longer paddle up the Maria.

Bearing in mind that we were on private property & that social distancing still applies, we loaded up & had a late morning tea up at Log Wharf Reserve at Telegraph Point which was a welcome change.

Thanks Greg & Leon for leading these paddles & we hope those who participated enjoyed them.


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