Pipers Creek at Kundabung

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Nineteen of us turned out on January 5 for our scheduled paddle on Pipers Creek at Kundabung.

Rather than having the little reserve by the creek to ourselves ( as we are used to), we were greeted by a ramshackle ‘pop up ‘ shanty town clustered around the ramp!!

Our 19 kayaks added temporarily  to the congestion (although the colours did brighten the scene up a bit!!), but it did not take long for us to get on the water & start enjoying the peacefulness of the creek.

Once again, as on some previous paddles, the effects of the ongoing drought could be seen. Everything seemed a bit faded & drought weary, & where normally thick green vegetation abounded under the canopy, large areas were somewhat sparse & littered with fallen limbs & leaf litter. Even the usually tough lomandras are suffering & the only vivid green plants were the crina/swamp lilies which have the advantage of having their feet wet! The banks had a thick layer of fallen, dead leaves blanketing them & the vegetation had thinned out leaving large gaps. Despite this, Pipers Creek has not lost its mojo. A light haze, like delicate muslin, hung over the water lending a very atmospheric feel to the paddle. Fallen branches in the water provided picturesque landscaping features & the sunlight, when it broke through, shed a golden glow on the vegetation it illuminated. Best of all, the water was calm & beautiful.
We were able to paddle right to the furthermost accessible reaches of the creek this time, dodging the rocks lurking below in the more shallow sections. Likewise Smiths Creek where we went beyond the railway bridge until two giant fallen trees stopped us. Five of us paddled a few kms further down the main creek before heading back to the reserve.

After loading up we decided to have lunch in the grounds of the Kundabung Hall as things were too congested & noisy near the creek. We gathered in the shade & relaxed, noticing the lack of any grass/greenery, but at least we had some space!

Thanks everyone for coming & we hope you enjoyed this lovely paddle.


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