Pelican Point Littoral Rainforest Reserve

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Twelve of us took part in our short paddle & stroll through the Pelican Point Littoral Rainforest Reserve.

It was just a short paddle across the Hastings from Settlement Point to the North Shore where we went past Coal Wharf Reserve before pulling up On the little sandy beach opposite Pelican Island.

The North Shore Progress Association has tidied up this area, built a shelter, erected seating & constructed a lovely fire pit ( for winter…if we ever have one!!). It is A lovely spot, much quieter & less crowded than Settlement Point Reserve.

While Bill guarded the kayaks, the rest of us set off on a lovely stroll through the rainforest area. Earlier in the week Bill had been over & checked out the condition of the track & left little markers along the way as parts of it are a bit overgrown. It is a pleasant walk, parts of it adjacent to the river & the canopy affords constant shade. There are some lovely trees in here & beautiful views of the river through the foliage. We walked right through to North Wall Rd. near the beach & view Gwen O’Dea’s memorial cairn tucked away in the bush out of the way of potential vandals. Gwen was awarded an OAM for her environmental work & her plaque states that she loved, protected, weeded & tended the little rainforest pocket. It was erected by her family & the Mid North Coast branch of the National Parks & Wildlife Association.

**Postscript: After Gwen died, Bill decided to at least carry on removing weeds etc from the little rainforest. Thankfully, Thor Asso, who at the time was senior environmental officer with the PMH Council, provided all the necessary gear. In recent years Landcare has taken over responsibility for the work.
Under our present climate conditions, if a fire was to destroy this little pocket of rainforest, it would never recover.

Littoral rainforests are generally closed foresst (70% covered), the structure & composition of which is strongly influenced by their proximity to the ocean (generally within 2 kms). Plant species, predominately rainforest & vines, maybe a major component of the canopy. They occur only along the coast  in small stands & comprise less than 1% of the total rainforest area of NSW. The sign at the North Wall Rd. entrance states that there are six pockets of this plant community along the Hastings coastline. Within it are 74 plant species including rainforest fruits which are an important source of food for seasonally migratory birds such as the white headed pigeon.

Back at the reserve we had a light snack while enjoying the river vista across to Settlement Point & Pelican Island. Our paddle back was not as laid back as a gusty wind had sprung up making conditions a bit challenging. We had planned to paddle around Pelican Island but as the gusts buffeted us around, most of us opted to cut through the mangroves into the back channel & calmer waters.
After loading boats etc most of us adjourned to The Point for coffee.
Thanks to those who participated. We hope you enjoyed it.

Caroline & Bill

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