Queens Lake Nature Reserve

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Last Thursday five of us enjoyed a beautiful paddle from Queens Lake Nature Reserve.

The weather was perfect & we launched from the picnic area at what we now call ‘Bob’s Creek’s little brother’. This is a pretty little paddle but very short due to fallen timber. Once in the water we veered right & paddled around the perimeter of Queens Lake, enjoying the tall trees rising up alongside us & the occasional rocky outcrop occupied by cormorants. There were lots of black swans on the lake & their cries are always a bit haunting as they drift across water. The entrance to the ‘real’ Bob’s Creek came into view & we turned into it. This is a lovely paddle, not quite as long, wide or open as Herons Creek, but with some real highlights including some huge sunken trees which, while not a threat to our kayaks, looked stunning with the sunlight illuminating them in the relatively shallow water. The trees along the banks were beautiful as was the whole atmosphere of the creek, as well as Mother Nature’s landscaping features here & there. After coming to a stop at a tree across the creek, we headed back & paddled out across the lake to the entrance to Herons Creek. The lake was calm & picturesque, a panoramic landscape of distant mountains with water in the foreground. The swans were gliding elegantly all around us & there was one lone cormorant perched on a solitary twig like branch in the middle of nowhere; it certainly found it’s very own personal space! After enjoying the wide open spaces we headed back on an angle across the lake & back to the picnic area having spent a very pleasant two hours exploring. As the Water Rat said to Mole in ‘The Wind in the Willows’…”Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats”.

One of the other lovely features of this paddle is the drive in to the picnic area off Bob’s Creek Rd. It is a dirt road in good condition flanked by magnificent tall timber which gives it a real forest feel. The picnic area itself is in a stunning location with views across the lake towards Laurieton.

Thanks to Peter, Carolyn & Bruce for joining us.


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