Camden Haven River at Rossglen

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Hi everyone,

After a windy day last Saturday ( July 13 ), it was great to paddle out on the Sunday onto the calm waters of the Camden Haven River at Rossglen. The humour of the locals about their launching spot could be seen in the wording of their rustic sign which read:

“BEACH: CAFÉ COMING SOON” with an arrow pointing to the ‘ramp’ which has deteriorated considerably since our last visit….so thanks Ray, Bill & Richard & others who assisted with getting kayaks in & out.

We don’t often paddle this section of the Camden Haven which is a shame as there are lovely views of North Brother mountain as well as tall, graceful trees lining the banks. It has a bit of a Dreamtime feel about it. On our way down towards the lake I jokingly asked Martin ( who paddles here regularly ) if he had organised any sea eagles to do a fly over for us. Right on cue we heard, & then saw, a pair of beautiful white bellied sea eagles in a tree right in front of us. We wondered why they were making such a song & dance up on their perch but the answer, which was up above us, became clear almost immediately. Two wedge tailed eagles were on a reconnaissance mission. The sea eagles were most concerned about the presence in their territory of the wedgetails & were very vocal in their disapproval. The wedgetails, for their part, continued to be provocative by gliding, soaring & diving in the disputed airspace!! We paddled on, past little weekenders & the Oxenbridges property where we have enjoyed several great camps in the past. We veered left & Watson Tayloe Lake opened up before us. We pulled in for morning tea at the little sandy beach at the end of their property. From here we could enjoy the lake vistas over to North Brother & south towards Johns River. As it was a cool morning, it was nice to find a sunny patch to stand in. The scene was gorgeous with the sun glinting on the water. This spot is practically at the midway point of the lake & gives you a clear picture of the size of the lake area.

We paddled back steadily & negotiated the bank again. Thanks again for all the assistance here. After washing down our boats we found a lovely sunny spot to enjoy lunch.

Thanks to those 13 who came along; we hope you enjoyed your paddle.


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