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Six of us enjoyed a few pleasant quiet days up at Gumma last week. While it is always lovely at this reserve, the campground has been spruced up & a new amenities block is due to be built.

George & Betty, Colin & Marion, Bill & myself & ‘Billie’ ( our little dog ) enjoyed warm days & cool nights with only a little rain.

The mornings were crisp with light, ghostly water vapour rising up off the creek, highlighted by the morning sun. The days were balmy & blended seamlessly into cool evenings around the fire with a huge full moon rising up above the tree line casting a pale light   across the camp. As night descended on the campground, cloaking everything in shadows, the chilling cry of a solitary catbird, the lonely honking of swans, the shrill shrieks of plovers & the background hum of night insects provided nature’s soundtrack for the evening. During the night, the sound of the surf crashing in the distance across the creek echoed across the reserve. It was a quiet camp, not crowded & perfect for a relaxing few days.

We did some paddles close to Gumma itself which was good training for Billie who is still on her paddling ‘L’ plates, but showing all the signs of becoming a proficient paddling pooch!! It is picturesque paddling & brought back memories for George, Betty, Bill & myself of the first time we explored Warrell Creek many years ago now.  Both Bill & Colin paddled up past Scotts Head & Bill paddled down to the opening at Nambucca & found the landscape very different to what we have seen in the past. There is a largish bay now where we used to pull over onto the sand bank & the sand has also extended out & across from the other side. Bill also paddled up to the road bridge & was rewarded with the sighting of a huge osprey & a sea eagle. The wedge tailed eagle’s nest is still there, but Bill did not sight him. Bill & I & Billie paddled from Talarm up to Hells Gate which was beautiful, particularly right on the high tide. We then enjoyed a free hot shower & lunch at The Pub With No Beer at Taylors Arm. This is a quiet neck of the woods ( only the local dogs wandering around ) with a few classic old cottages.

Back at Gumma we were treated to the sight & sound of a group of about 12 black swans on the creek, as well as two smaller groups which did daily fly overs. They look so elegant gliding along.

Thanks to those who joined us; we trust it was an enjoyable break.


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