Cooperabung Creek

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Hi everyone,

Well last Sunday’s paddle saw us thwarted with access to the anabranches, but we still enjoyed a lovely paddle, in particular Cooperabung Creek  which was just beautiful.

We paddled from Hacks Ferry straight up to where the Maria joins the Wilson River & veered right to follow the Maria. The first anabranch we usually take closest to Hacks (Torrens anabranch) had a blockage and also the Maria anabranch. Luckily Cooperabung Creek did not disappoint & we paddled on up the Maria and turned into where the two anabranches meet. A few decided to tackle the Torrens anabranch; they got through but it was difficult & not for everyone ( or their kayaks!!). Bill W had advised that the Maria anabranch had a blockage right up this end. I checked it out & it was a no go also, so we paddled back to Hacks via the Maria, a paddle of approx.. 15.17 kms.

Bill W, Colin and Peter paddled up from Fernbank & met us back at Hacks. I think there were 15 of us on Greg’s paddle which is another great roll up.

Thanks Greg for leading this paddle.

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