Little Rawdon Island

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Hi everyone,

What a lovely morning it was last Sunday on Little Rawdon Island. After enjoying the rural vistas on the drive across Rawdon Island, we crossed over the narrow bridge to Little Rawdon Island ( which always reminds me of something out of Huckleberry Finn!!) to be greeted by water like glass down below. It is always so tranquil up here; a step back into quieter days.

We split into two groups with Greg leading his 13 paddlers on a 10.3km trip down to Rawdon Creek, up to Junction Rd. & return around the island. They were fortunate to spot a sea eagle on their paddle.

Bill, Stephen & I circumnavigated Rawdon Island which was approx. 15 kms. We had the tide against us to start with, then with us after we crossed through Narrow Gut into the main river & then against us on the final run back up to Little Rawdon Island. This is not a part of the river we paddle often & on a morning like we had it was a great feeling to be on a wide section in perfect conditions with views up to the hills. We had the water to ourselves most of the time ( we came across one other lone paddler who had put in at Rocks Ferry) & enjoyed the reflections of trees on the opposite bank. The sunlight illuminated the wattle flowers & new leaves. The only sounds up here were the birds & the rhythmic splash of our paddles on the water. In conditions like these, you feel like you are gliding across the surface of the water. As we did not want to damage our hulls, we elected to get out & walk our kayaks through Narrow Gut which was just that bit too shallow to negotiate. Once back in the main river we enjoyed we enjoyed the assistance of the run out tide down to the Rawdon Island bridge. After negotiating the rocks under the bridge we were met head on by a brisk North Easterly wind which was in our faces until we completed the long strait down towards the new highway bridge. As we veered left the hills in the distance were shrouded in a light ( smoke ) haze & looked quite mysterious.

We paddled back up the last stretch & arrived back just as the last boat from the other group was being carried up. Thanks Mal for giving us a hand with ours.

After loading up we adjourned to Sancrox Reserve for a picnic lunch.

Hope everyone enjoyed their paddle.
Thanks to our leaders, Greg & Bill.



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