About Us

The PMHCC was established in November 2007 after a few local paddlers, recognising the need for a canoe club in the district, called a public meeting to discuss the possibility of forming such an organisation. Following an overwhelming response, the wheels were put in motion to get a club up and running. The club has gone from strength to strength and today has over 60 members and offers three scheduled paddles per week.

People interested in canoeing, but who do not have a craft, can be provided with a kayak to try and provided with basic instruction. They can also view and try a wide range of craft belonging to club members and discuss their suitability to the type of canoeing they wish to undertake.

If your interest extends to competition, our club can provide you with information on what is available in this area, from the Northern Marathon Series of races to big charity events such as The Hawkesbury Classic and the Myall River Classic.

A number of our members have had years of experience in various facets of canoeing, from ocean to white water, flat water and racing. They have a wealth of information at their fingertips which they are happy to share and are a great source of knowledge for all.

The Club holds an annual club charity paddle and makes a yearly donation to CanAssist (Cancer Assistance network) which supports rural cancer patients.

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